Reading over the weekend

Just because I love to read but don’t have the time for all the books I’ve my eye on. I made a promise to myself to read at least two books a week. Anyone else?


Top 10 Ways To Get Students Talking about their Reading by Tammy Mulligan

Nerdy Book Club

My grandmother was a kind and gentle person who only spoke when she had something important to say.   Although she didn’t carry on lengthy conversations, her words were full of wisdom.  As a young girl, I remember walking in the woods with her after arguing with my younger brother.  She stopped along the path, bent down and looked me in the eyes, “You know – What we say really matters.  It shows what we care about.”

Now many years later, I think about her message every time I sit beside a reader.

If what we say shows what we care about, then our conversations with readers are priceless.    When sitting beside a reader, I want readers to talk about what they are reading and about the process of reading.  I want to know what is working for them, what they are thinking about and what plans they have as readers.

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