new release paranormal fantasy romance

Secret of The Crest, the first of a series paranormal romance novel.

Cassandra, a young woman from England has a dream to fulfill but fate takes her to a desolated territory in Greece where she is compelled to stay even though there are many dark secrets revealed and unrevealed to her. Gregor, the owner of the hostel is extremely good-looking, strong and very polite. A true gentleman but is heavily burdened by his past. Little did they both know that their life would never be the same after they met. Cassandra is torn between the life she is pursuing and the revelations at Terovo that can’t leave her in apathy. Gregor has deep feelings for Cassandra but if he reveals more about himself he might lose her.

The Secrets of the Dracopoulos family have plagued them forever.

Darkness follows closely.



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